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Enjoy lapidary crafts and collect gems, minerals, and rocks.

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I'll sell Silver Streams Brecciated Jasper for $16

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Silver Streams Brecciated Jasper is a lovely cream, red, and black brecciated jasper from the Tsantsabane area of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. The teardrop-shaped cabochon has a nice polish, and is semi-polished on the bottom. Teardrop-shaped Cabochon Approximate measurements: 30x21.5x4.5mm (girdle) Approximate weight: 33.60ct Origin: Tsantsabane area, South Africa Treatment(s): None known Thanks for lookin'!

I'll sell Prairie Agate ~ Billowly Clouds ~ for $16

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Found in the prairies of South Dakota, Prairie Agate has lovely moss and banding. It is Nebraska's state rock, and collected not far from the famous Fairburn Agates. The cab has very interesting cloud-like patterns of banding and moss that look similar to opal because of its density of colors. Approximate measurements: 35.5x27.5x4mm (girdle) Approximate weight: 54.10ct Origin: South Dakota Treatment(s): None known Thanks for lookin'!