About Us

What is GemSnail.com?

  • GemSnail is the easy to use low cost community based mineral sales website.
  • GemSnail makes buying easy, with fixed costs, each item for sale on GemSnail includes first class shipping.
  • Items sold on GemSnail are $8, $16, or $24, with no additional shipping fee.  
  • Registration is free, anyone can register, only registered users can use GemSnail.com
  • The Facebook button allows you to log in with one click!
  • There is NO listing fee on GemSnail.com, only a final value fee on sold items.
  • GemSnail moderates the items for sale, basic quality standards must be met by all sellers.
  • Sellers are rewarded with Levels for quality performance, giving them more sales options.
  • Users, both buyer and seller, must use the GemSnail system to complete transactions, ordering without using the "Order" button is cause for restriction or termination of registration.
  • GEMSNAIL.com is ONLY available to residents of the United States of America.  International listings will open in February of 2013.

Born over the idea that anyone should have a place to buy and sell inexpensive minerals and rocks online in a marketplace promoted to benefit all sellers and provide selection and ease for all buyers, GemSnail.com came to life.

Providing a safe enviroment to buy and sell, GemSnail.com is the perfect solution for the average collector who wants to trade minerals among other sellers on GemSnail, as well as fine mineral dealers who are unloading the massive volumes of minerals that come in from every mineral collection bought for the few select finest specimens.  

Using GemSnail as a trading site is a perfect solution for the mineral trader.  Instead of a box of surprises, you could sell a few of your items and use those revenues to purchase items you really want from other sellers on GemSnail.  

For the buyer, GemSnail is  wonderful way to buy gifts, as each item includes first class shipping, you can have it directly shipped to a friend.

Justin and Brandy at the World Traveler Sign in Lynchville, Maine (June 2007) GemSnail is created and operated by Justin Zzyzx and Brandy Zzyzx, who are intimitaly involved in all aspects of mineral collecting.  Both have been involved in producing mineral shows, special events, been members of multiple mineral clubs, held office in several clubs, served as field trip leaders, created field collecting videos, DVDs, Android Apps, Magazines, and content for other publications.  

They operated The-Vug.com website for nearly a decade, both are avid field collectors. Brandy has won awards for her collection of black and metallic thumbnails at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show yearly event. She has been the creator of countless ads, banners and logos for various mineral dealers. Justin was the showroom manager of a 10,000 square foot wholesale mineral warehouse and has superior knowledge of high end retail mineral sales through his Natural Science gallery in Los Angeles's Downtown Gallery Row. 

They have sold minerals on several different websites, both owned and community driven. They bring all their collective expertise GemSnail.com, so you can be assured it is the reliable, safe, respectable place to buy, sell and trade minerals!

Whatever your reason for using GemSnail, thank you from the bottom of our muscous glands!